The Pandora Prioritization System

I think this article may be a revelation, so I’m noting the big takeaways from the conclusion. But the entire article is absolutely worth a read: 1) Before every quarter starts, pose the question: “What would be stupid not to do in the next 90 days?” 2) Define and scope every idea on a single presentation slide….

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Implemented a transactional middleware MySQL database to interface with a custom ERP.  Built all components of the microsite on top of Bootstrap CSS.

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Cheryl Wills contacted me after having numerous problems with deployment and the finishing details of her existing website.  The book was complete, on the way to printers, and Cheryl was announcing the book at a C-SPAN press event with other authors (including Wes Moore), within one-week from when she contacted me.  The seven day deadline was…

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Here I am

It took some time, but I hit the reset button on all things blog. It seems there are twenty or thirty songs with that title, so pick one that you like and hum along: here I am. This is my new home, welcome.