InBloom is the first full cross-platform suite of tools for running consignment-based businesses. We took InBloom from an acorn of an idea to a full-fledged and full-featured product that has powered hundreds of SMBs and their daily operations tracking inventory, consignors, buyers, sales, and consignor accounting

The full project included ideation, research, design, development, deployment, marketing, marketing design & developement.

InBloom v3.91: Home (InBloom Cloud 1)

Software features include:

  • Full Mac / PC / iOS functionality.
  • Dedicated hardware integration with receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, iOS sled scanners, and more.
  • Full Inventory Management, including custom price-tag & barcode printing, price suggestions, and more.
  • Full Contact Relationship Management (CRM) functionality.
  • Full Point-Of-Sale (POS) functionality, including customer tracking, PDF email receipts, gift cards, credit card integration, layaways/returns/voids and more.
  • Integrated Dashboard with basic KPIs and visualization around business sales performance and inventory intake.
  • Integrated Accounting for with custom-formatted checks for consignors & vendors, as well as syncing to QuickBooks.
  • Extensible custom reporting and custom print formatting architecture.
  • Integrated software updater/download utility.
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