The World's Greatest Sneaker Store

With 40k+ SKUs & millions of units transacted between retail outlets in NY, LA, and a global presence at FlightClub.com, FC is a world-reknown mecca for sneakerheads & enthusiasts alike.


The History

I helped FC rescue their undocumented fragmented systems into a new digital experience where the company could respond to their customer's and consignor's needs by migrating, consolidating, and centralizing all data to cloud-native infrastructure.

This involved stabilizing broken systems, documenting siloed knowledge and then revamping every piece of software, hardware, and infrastructure within the company to meet the needs of staff and customers.  As the only technologist in the entire company, I managed the transfer of their core technology to me from their co-founder, stabilized then documented their black boxes, and began building new core pieces of technology to meet needs as quickly as possible.


Key Projects

812 Broadway - Managed technology behind flagship store re-launch
www.FlightClub.com - Managed team, agencies, data, uptime & more
www.FlightClub.com - Led tech replatform to Magento
sell.FlightClub.com - Full Product Design, Dev, & Ownership of seller intake portal 
Built iOS app for sales floor
Built iOS app for warehouse pick system
Built custom warehouse management system w/Fedex integration
Built custom Point Of Sale system
Managed office & retail store infrastructure expansion in NY & LA
Grew tech team from myself to 10-strong + various agencies
Established best-practices & standards across tech team
...and more

Selected Work


Everything.  Vendor selection, platform selection, SEO, uptime, custom in-house sync engine, content management, catalog management, shopping feed & affiliate management, image management, and more.

The replatform of the company from a spaghetti code ecommerce package to Magento Enterprise kicked off hockey-stick growth on the digital side and cemented FC's leadership in the rare sneaker market.  I helped choose the design agency, managed user stories, QA, and engineered a backend syncing architecture that connected FC's brick & mortar multi-store inventory to the web with a latency of 2-5 minutes.

FlightClub | Your Inventory


The shoe portfolio of inventory at FC was a simple and responsive grid of shoes, filterable by size and style; however, behind the scenes, it was a milestone that combined several disparate data sources from siloed data sources into a unified and scalable data model.

FlightClub.com (v3)

As ecommerce quickly dwarfed brick & mortar the entire company re-aligned around scalable ecommerce operations from UX to fulfillment to customer service.  The minor reskin of the site was accompanied by significant technology restructuring behind the scenes, moving to scalable and fully cloud-native infrastructure.  I collaborated with all stakeholders in the company, from engineering, shipping & fulfillment, executive, customer service & fraud management directors, and store managers, to ensure a seamless transition.

FlightClub | Quotes
FlightClub | Your Inventory
FlightClub | Login

812 Broadway Flagship

Responsibilities: Anything with electricity.
POS systems, custom iOS apps, store foot tracking system, audio systems, redundant internet connections, Meraki deployments, MDM fleet management, physical and cybersecurity, and more.

The expansion of the retail and storage space from 812 Broadway into 814 Broadway was a multi-year, multi-stage project that affected every part of operations and financials, from wiring & infrastructure, systems, intake operations, security, warehouse & fulfillment, to staff.


I helped FC transform the sneaker resale industry by truly servicing their rabid & opinionated fan-base, revamping every tool & technology within the company, and begin a data-centric approach to measuring & achieving growth.


Product Roadmapping
User Research
Responsive Web Development

Software Application Architecture
iOS Development
Quality Assurance
Analytics & Optimization
Hardware Provisioning & Management
Infrastructure Provisioning & Management


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